• Image of roadmap for the future reading

this is my full tarot spread combined with pulls from the ritual oracle. so you will get guidance from spirit via the tarot, and then some practical applicable tools from the ritual oracle.

this spread is perfect for when you really need some clarity and hope, with some tangible tools you can use to embrace the good stuff. it covers multiple aspects of your query and gives you a really good lay of the land.

these are long distance readings. i ask you what your question is, then mediate on it with the cards in hand and some holy smoke burning. after pulling your cards, i send you a photo of your 18 card spread, as well as a PDF write up of your reading, usually around 1500 words. this generally takes 3-5 days.

some testimonials from clients:

I received a mini tarot reading from the lovely Kristi. The reading was completed within 24 hours of my request and was delivered as a beautiful PDF document. Within my reading, she included a gorgeous picture of the cards she pulled for me. The reading itself was wonderful. I loved how she incorporated an essential oil blend into the reading and also gave a holistic interpretation of the visuals that appeared in my spread. Her insight was extremely helpful and concise. I thoroughly enjoyed this mini reading and highly recommend her services! ... Hera B. Essex Junction, VT

Kristi, your reading was very therapeutic. Your insight helped reduce a stressful situation and your kind words were comforting. I also appreciate that you kept me updated on the status of the reading throughout. Seriously, you are magic! ...Mary H. Bedford, TX

GIRL, holy shit. This was amazing. (And that photo! Dead!!!! Like, frameable.) You are so incredibly skilled. Chills and goosebumps. Like magic. You nailed everything. I can't even believe it. This was so uplifting and encouraging. Thank you! You kick so much ass at this. EEK. I'm going to go read it again. ...Jen G. Des Moines, IA

Honestly, that just blew me away... I haven't stopped talking about my reading. Thanks again for the love and encouragement. ...Erika W.

Thank you so much!! This really helped solidify my decision…
Again, thanks so much. I really enjoyed your reading and have already referred you to a few people! I'd love to have you read me again probably summer of next year :) ...Victoria B. Lindenhurst, NY

This was AMAZING!!! I just read thru it & am going to read it again (print out version) that way I can highlight & also write my own questions down. So many things resonated for me & you seriously nailed so many things on the head, it was crazy! ...Melissa C. Garden City, NY